Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Hope and Promise for Alabama History

So, I have been posting quite a lot in the last few days on the website. The more detailed posts have spilled over into this blog so that the website doesn't look like a cluttered activity chaos. Now that I look at the Alabama Course of Study Standards, though, I am realizing just how many activities I don't have for Alabama history. My hope and desire for my students and Alabama history is to hear the whispers of  "YES!" when it is time for Alabama History each day. I want them to be excited about it, and I want it, as with all subjects, to be so much more than a textbook. I may be slower in posting over the next few weeks for two reasons. One is that the resources I do have need to be reformatted, and I need to cite the sources for them before I post them for all of the world to see. The second reason is that I do not have activities for every single standard, but since that is my desire, I am going to try my very hardest to post at least one for each standard. I am hoping to post some math games sometime soon, too, so keep checking back at for more resources in the "Stuff for Teachers" section!


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