Friday, September 30, 2011

Cherokee Cornmeal Cookies

Here is the Cherokee Cornmeal Cookies Recipe I promised!  Making the cookies was the reward of the winning team from the At-Home Native American Poster Project, but everyone got to eat them! We made these in my old college toaster oven, and they were delicious! I brought some sorghum molasses for the kids to try, too, since it is a local/Southern product. I wait all year for sorghum molasses to be sold at the farmers' market. A lot of the kids dipped their cookies in the molasses or poured the molasses over the cookies pancake style. With this particular class, the rest of the class just watched the eight winning students make the cookies. You may want to give the rest of your students something to work on if you aren't sure if they can handle just watching, though.

I do recommend that you bake one batch before the class makes the cookies. I gave each student one of the cookies I made the night before, and one hot from the toaster oven. I was completely amazed by how good they were, and so were the kids!


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