Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alabama Regions Map: At-Home Project

I cannot take credit for this one! The wonderful teachers I used to work with came up with it, but I have tweaked it, and made it my own. I give each student an Alabama Regions Map Sheet that has been copied onto heavy white cardstock and a Letter Explaining the Project and go over both with them. I usually go over the names of the regions with the students (Alabama Regions Map Answer Key) in class, and then give the students a week to complete the rest at home.

If you subscribed to Alabama Studies Weekly this year, you can ask the kids to look up the regions using its first issue. The first issue showed and covered all of the Alabama regions! (...and I think the first issue of every year may do the same, but I am not sure...)



  1. really would like to use but link doesn't work!

  2. Hey,
    I think I have fixed them. You can also go to for these. Most of the links are broken because I just subscribed to a new hosting service. I will fix them, but it will be a while :). The links for this project should work for you, though!