Thursday, October 6, 2011

Poptropica Mystery Train Island Opens Tomorrow!

Poptropica, my favorite online kids' educational website, is opening its newest island, Mystery Train Island, TOMORROW OCTOBER 7! HOOOOOOORAY!

First of all, if you are an educator or parent and are one of those peoplewho does not encourage your students or kids to play Poptropica, you have not played it yourself. I've played them all! Every island requires critical thinking skills, and there is a lot of educational content that is learned through playing. I, myself, learned a great deal about history from Time Tangled Island and a lot about art from Counterfeit Island and on and on. Play, and encourage your kids to play. They will thank you for it, because they will only know they are playing.

Mystery Train Island proves to be no different. It is set on a train headed to the Chicago World's Fair of 1983, and the player's character must interview many famous people on the train. I played the "sneak preview," which is just a bit of the first part of the game for the island. From this preview I learned that not only does the player learn about the inner workings of a train during the industrial revolution, but also explores the cabins of Susan B. Anthony, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, and more! The player's character interviews some of these famous people during the preview, but it is entirely possible that the player's character will get to speak with all of them in the full game!

Plus, there are some awesome costumes to costumize (In Poptropica, you can click on any article of clothing or hairstyle of story characters to wear them with the costumize feature) from this island. I have included a picture of how I've costumized from the preview.

I'm so excited!

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